Winter Focus

Each quarter, we will be focusing on an area of our Library holdings that you may not realize we offer.  As we have moved to this new site, we have discovered (and rediscovered) so many historical and genealogical items and we want to share them with you. 

The Focus for this winter (while we are closed) is Yearbooks.
Did your parents or grandparent (or great-grandparents) attend high school or college?  Would you like to see what was happening in their lives while they were teenagers?  Our library has many yearbooks from 1905 through 2000.  They range from local grade-schools, highschools, and colleges and universities to schools from all over the United States.  We also have some military annuals, such as the 45th Anniversary 139th Airlift published in 1991.
You say your great-grandfather went to the University of Missouri in 1929?  We have copies of the Savitar from 1914 to 1949.  Check the Library Catalog to see which years we have.  We also have a few extra copies of the Savitar from 1927 to 1933, and 1933 and 1936 that are available for purchase.
We have most of the old yearbooks from Northwest Missouri State University in the library, from 1922 to 2019; as well as Alumni Directories for 1991, 1997, and 2005.
We have copies of area highschool annuals for Benton, Central, Lafayette, LeBlond, Savannah, Mound City, and Leavenworth as well as many other local highschools.  Some of these are very old.  Check the Library Catalog.
Many grade-schools also published annuals.  For example East Buchanan, Lake Contrary, Noyes, Mid Buchanan, Pershing and many other St. Joseph elementary schools are among our holdings, as are Spring Garden, Truman Middle School and Bode Middle School.
If you are looking for yearbooks from another state, just have the Library Catalog search the Title for the two-letter state designation (e.g., KS).
We have a extra copies of some of the annuals and yearbooks for purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing yearbooks that are over 100 years old, please call us at (816) 233-0524 or email us at Warning:  These yearbooks belonged to individuals and most of them contain personal messages for that person.  NWMGS is not responsible for any messages or personal information to be found in any of the books.
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