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A1: If you have an email address registered with us, your initial login is the email address we have on file.
If you don't have an email address registered with us, your initial login and password are your Membership Number.*
In any case, please change your password the first time you login.  You may also change your login name.
*  If you don't know your Membership Number, you can find it on the mailing labels of your recent Newsletter or Journal.  If you don't have them, follow the instructions on the Member Login page, or call us during business hours and we will reset them for you.
A2: It really depends on what you are looking for, but the usual place is the Library. If you are looking for an ancestor and you know their date of birth/marriage/death, look at the indexes in the library to find any items that may cover that topic/date range. When you find one, click on the "eye" in the left column. A box will appear with more indepth information. Read it carefully to look for clues as to what to do next.
A3:  Many things have been re-organized and indexed to help you narrow down your searches while at the same time giving you more ideas of places to search.  We have added Tips, Tricks, and Ideas to give you new ideas to keep you moving in your genealogical work.  There are links to other websites that we think may be useful, and we'll be adding new ideas as time goes on.  We plan on a new monthly feature about some historical or genealogical topic that we find interesting and hope you will, too.