1845-1913 Death Notices, St. Joseph MO

These files are the work of Monica Shirmer Eshelman, who spent countless hours looking up and recording the information for public distribution.  We owe her a great debt of gratitude.
If you know the year of the death of your ancestor, check the following listings to find out which of these newspapers to search for your ancestor!  Clicking on the year will bring up a PDF file that you can search for your ancestor.
Once you have found a promising entry in the Death Notices, it will tell you where we found the record so you can search at that location. (Note: we do not have the St. Joseph newspapers at our Library, but the St. Joseph, MO, Public Library has microfilm copies of most of them.)  We can look them up for you.
These are PDF files: you can use Ctrl+ F to search for a name after you open the file.