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View Record  US-139AL-YB 139th Airlift, St. Joseph, MO 139th Airlift
View Record  US-24DIV-YB 24th Infantry Division, The Victory Division 24th Infantry Division Association; History Book Committee
View Record  US-5DIV-YB 5th Armored Division, Camp Chaffee AR, Basic Training Department of the Army
View Record  IA-ALHS-YB Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs, IA - The Crimson and Blue Abraham Lincoln High School
View Record  SJ-AAF-ATC-YB Army Air Force Air Transport Command Ferrying Division; Rosecrans Field; 561st AAF Base Unit First Operational Training Unit
View Record  CO-AJHS-YB Arvada Junior High School, Arvada, Jefferson County, CO -- Warriors Arvada Junior High School
View Record  KS-ACCHS-YB Atchison County Community High School, Effingham KS - The Tiger Atchison County Community High School
View Record  SJ-BHS-YB Benton High School, St. Joseph, MO - Wahwahlanawah Benton High School
View Record  SJ-BMS-YB Bode Middle School, St. Joseph, MO Bode Middle School
View Record  GA-BCC-YB Brenau College-Conservatory, Gainsville, GA - Bubbles Brenau College
View Record  MO-BHS-YB Butler High School, Butler, MO - The Butlerite Butler High School
View Record  CL-CHS-YB Cameron High School, Cameron MO - The Mystic Cameron High School
View Record  SJ-CHS-YB Central High School, St. Joseph, MO - Wakitan Central High School
View Record  MO-CMSU-YB Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg MO - The Rhetor Central Missouri State University
View Record  MO-CBS-YB Chillicothe Business College, Chillicothe MO - The Dux Chillicothe Business College
View Record  SJ-CBHS-YB Christian Brothers High School, St. Joseph, MO-Aerie Christian Brothers High School
View Record  CA-CHS-YB Clairemont High School, San Diego, CA -- Calumet Clairemont High School
View Record  DK-CHS-YB Clarksdale High School, Clarksdale MO - Eaglet Clarksdale High School
View Record  IA-CC-YB Coe College, Cedar Rapids IA - The Acorn Coe College
View Record  KS-EC-YB College of Emporia, Emporia KS - Alla Rah College of Emporia
View Record  MO-CA-YB Conception Abbey, Conception, MO Conception Abbey
View Record  BU-DHS-YB DeKalb High School, DeKalb, MO DeKalb High School
View Record  MO-DC-YB Drury College, Springfield, MO - Sou'wester Drury College
View Record  IN-EC-YB Earlham College, Richmond IN - Sargasso Earlham College
View Record  BU-EMS-YB East Buchanan Elementary School and Middle School, Gower, MO East Buchanan Elementary School and Middle School
View Record  BU-EBH-YB East Buchanan High School, Gower, MO - Pride East Buchanan High School
View Record  MO-EHS-YB East High School, Kansas City, MO - Eastonia East High School
View Record  KS-EHS-YB Easton High School, Easton KS - The Dragon Easton High School
View Record  BU-EHS-YB Easton High School, Easton, MO - The Eastonian Easton High School
View Record  KS-ELPS-YB Elwood Public School, Elwood, Kansas-The Panther Elwood Public School
View Record  SJ-EFS-YB Eugene Field School, St Joseph, MO Eugene Field School
View Record  BU-FHS-YB Faucett High School, Faucett, MO Faucett High School
View Record  AN-FC1-YB Fillmore C-1 School, Fillmore, MO - Lucifer's Diary Fillmore C-1 School District
View Record  AN-FHS-YB Fillmore High School, Fillmore, MO - The Blue Devil Fillmore High School
View Record  US-FRA-YB Fleet Reserve Association - Brotherhood of the Sea Fleet Reserve Association
View Record  KS-FHS-YB Fontana High School, Fontana KS - The Tomahawk Fontana High School
View Record  HO-FCHS-YB Forest City High School, Forest City, MO - The Bobcat Tales Forest City High School
View Record  US-FRMO-YB Fort Riley KS, Medical Officers Training Camp Department of the Army
View Record  PA-GS-YB George School, Bucks County. PA - Opus George School
View Record  GA-TECH-YB Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta GA - The Blueprint Georgia School of Technology
View Record  BU-GHS-YB Gower High School, Gower, MO-The Triton Gower High School
View Record  MN-HU-YB Hamline University, Minneapolis MN - The Liner Hamilne University
View Record  MO-HC-YB Harrison County, MO Harrison County
View Record  KS-HCC-YB Highland Community College, Highland, KS-Scottie Classic Highland Community College
View Record  SJ-HAVS-YB Hillyard Area Vocational Technical School, St. Joseph, MO Hillyard Area Vocational School
View Record  SJ-HUES-YB Humboldt Elementary School, St. Joseph, MO Humboldt Elemetary School
View Record  SJ-HYES-YB Hyde Elementary School, St. Joseph, MO - Profiles Hyde Elementary School
View Record  IN-ITC-YB Indiana Technical College, Fort Wayne, IN-Kekiongan Indiana Technical College
View Record  IA-ISC-YB Iowa State College, Ames IA - Bomb Iowa State College
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Records: 1 to 50 of 140